Is your workforce ready for what’s next?

Don’t lose momentum.

Building a new future and moving your company to the next level means making bold moves, facing risk head on (while mitigating it), and using a proven change management approach. Lewis Group experts bring innovative programs that enable key staff to help your entire workforce work through required changes while minimizing productivity loss and ensuring that progress continues toward organizational goals.

Businesses thrive when their purpose and strategic direction align with how the business is structured. The Lewis Group evaluates your unique employees, your culture and your challenges, then puts together a tailored solution designed to drive meaningful results. In every project we implement, whether it’s reducing turnover, improving time to hire, strategic planning, or implementing a company-wide technology transition, we incorporate change management tools to expedite progress so that, at conclusion, everyone is on board, resistance has been resolved, and your team is off and running to over-achieve performance objectives.

We would have never achieved our goals for growth and revenue in such a short time without the Lewis Group’s assistance. A very worthwhile investment that paid off for us quickly.”

How do you get your team un-stuck?

Start with a partner.

No matter what stage of the business cycle your company is in – from startup to growth to expansion, to mature, your organization is always changing and evolving to reach strategic goals. At every stage, or break point, the most successful companies invest in critical partners to help accelerate to the next level. Leaders look to industry groups, established mentors and hired consultants for help when the need is great to accelerate towards a goal.

Our clients tell us the most important way we differ from other consulting firms is that they are able to continue progress towards goals, long after our project is concluded and the consultants have left!

“The Lewis Group helped us transform our big ideas into reality despite resistance from many employees who wanted to continue the ‘same old way.’ The communication tools and methods provided were crucial to our ability to implement the dramatic organizational change necessary to respond to new industry regulations.” 

Are your employees engaged?

It’s not your imagination.

Studies show that happy employees are more productive. In order to succeed, winning companies develop systems and capacities to effortlessly attract and keep the star performers who make their business thrive. Lewis Group experts provide powerful customized resources to help your team build an excellent workplace with unique culture so your employees understand and appreciate their jobs. We work with your team to develop your own unique approach to compete with big brands and budgets by communicating a distinctive and competitive employment story.

The most common challenge companies face in engaging employees, is human resources and unit managers who are so bogged down with day-to-day paperwork, compliance and employee relations issues, they have little or no bandwidth for innovation. With easy-to-implement, low-cost tools for retention and engagement, we free up time for your human resources team and line managers so your company hits targeted revenue and growth goals on time, drive productivity, reduce unwanted turnover, and maintain progress on strategic objectives.

We started seeing a troubling increase in absenteeism and turnover but did not know where to start to tackle the problem. Our Lewis Group consulting team was able to quickly identify and correct certain hiring, onboarding and performance eval practices that solved our problem within 3 months. Even though the project has finished, the new infrastructure is scaling with our continued growth.” 

How do you attract and keep the best people?

Start with a great employee experience… UBERtalent

People power business. As technology continues to change the way we work and play, talent will be the critical differentiator for business success going forward. That’s why so many organizations are working harder than ever to recruit and retain top talent. When companies find themselves unable to lure the best candidates to their door, or find themselves attracting unfit or unqualified candidates, they experience increasing high turnover and diminishing employee engagement.

The Lewis Group provides concrete tools to ensure that each new employee you hire hits the ground running and sticks with your company longer. Our team helps you build infrastructure to consistently manage talent from applicant to valued employee, all while beating the competition to find the most amazing people to fit your culture/team/goals. Our programs include the latest technology to leverage your human resources and management team to spend time where it counts most. Our tools and methods increase the number of qualified applicants and reduce your cost per hire at all job levels.

“As a not-for-profit organization working with difficult clients, we were having trouble competing for workers with fast food chains and coffee shops. The Lewis Group helped us build leadership capacity in HR, and improved our branded communications, talent acquisition and technology so that numbers of qualified candidates doubled and turnover was decreased by 30% in 6 months. Our much improved hiring practices, applicant/new hire onboarding and employee benefits plans are continuing to help us decrease turnover and reduce cost to hire.”